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The Veemo SE Consumer Edition, now powered by ENVO powertrain system motor, is a product born from years of Research & Development. This smooth, dynamic, elegant velomobile is the world's most practical utilitarian vehicle to get you from A to B on-time, every time. More importantly, it does so with zero-emissions for pennies on the dollar compared to driving a car. Our full-power ride mode delivers a great experience, whether you are headed up the road for groceries or using Veemo as your daily commuter.


Veemo allows you to lower your CO2 footprint while getting you there faster. Easily commute to work and back without the typical worries of weather and the need for a shower. Veemo’s electric motor assist and the constantly variable rear hub automatically changes gears for you based on the challenges of the road and your riding style. This allows Veemo to carry additional cargo payloads and still fly up steep hills while optimizing battery range.
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