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Bring Your Workout Inside

Train Smart While Having Fun

Enjoy a bike ride without worrying about traffic or weather. Take your physical and mental fitness to the next level. Experience the benefits of a good hard ride when it fits your schedule. Connect to your favorite apps, challenge friends to a hill climb in the French Alps, or compare times and log PR’s on local rides. Everything can be adjusted to your riding style and fitness.

Reasons to Ride a Smart Trainer

Virtual Rides

Apps like Zwift and Rouvy integrate with your smart trainer so you can participate in virtual group rides on virtual routes. Compete with friends and pros across the globe.

Simulated Conditions

Indoor smart trainers use automated changes in resistance to simulate road conditions and inclines. Work on intervals and climbing as if you were outside, minus the traffic.

Professional Training

Use training apps like TrainerRoad for highly focused workouts. It's like having your own personal coach to help you work on posture, pedal stroke, and mental endurance.

Smart Trainer Options

Direct Drive

These trainers attach directly to your bike drivetrain.

Get more accurate metrics than a wheel-on trainer
Feels as natural as riding outside
Quieter than traditional trainers and rollers

Requires an extra cassette and assembly (We can help!)
Moderate transition time between training and outdoor rides
Can be bulky and hard to move

Wheel-On Trainers

Resistance is applied to your back wheel via a roller.

Attach your bike without any added hardware
Easily go between riding inside and outside
Lightweight and easy to move

Can wear out the rear tire
Tire can slip while training
Requires frequent re-calibration

Choose Your Training App(s)


LESS Virtual. MORE Reality.

FulGaz combines real world terrain and cutting edge coaching knowledge to help you achieve your goals. Our workout library and detailed training programs will keep you motivated and riding year-round.

Use code "22CycleLife" for an extended 30 day trial of FulGaz


The Right Workout, Every Time

Get faster with structured indoor training that adapts to you. Use training plans or daily recommended workouts to reach your goals.


Where rides meet results.

SYSTM is more than virtual rides. Behind every turn, climb and sprint lies a workout designed by world-class coaches to help you achieve results faster.


Fun is fast.

Zwift blends the fun of video games with the intensity of serious training, helping you get faster. Level up in the virtual worlds of Zwift with a community that motivates you every minute. Choose from training plans, group rides, races and more. You’ll get fitter and stronger. Discover the world of Zwift today. 

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