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Parts & Accessories

Specifically designed for the Loam helmet.
Specifically designed for the Eagle II (L), Tiffany II (L), Astral II (L), and Amber II (L) helmets.
Specifically designed for the Eddy II, Victoria II, and Pro Junior II helmets.
Keep the rain, snow and mud from getting inside your helmet, or use as a quick aerodynamic solution to close off the front and side vents. Aeroshell is a great accessory for compatible Lazer helmets! The Aeroshell is a plastic cover, designed to fit perfectly over specific models of Lazer helmets. The Aeroshell snaps into place and protects the riders head from wind and rain while still allowing for some air movement under the front of the helmet and out the rear vents. The Aeroshell is unique in that it is easily removed from the helmet when riding conditions are such that additional ventilation is desired. Snap it on when the rain is pouring down and pull it off when the sun starts to shine, the Aeroshell is the perfect tool for every possible condition. Additionally the Aeroshell provides a significant increase in Aerodynamic performance once it is installed on the helmet. By closing off the ventilation holes, the amount of aerodynamic drag the helmet creates is strongly reduced, making your road helmet into an aero helmet and resulting in a faster ride.
Upgrade your Urbanize helmet and keep the cold on the outside with the Winter Pad Kit! Designed especially for the Urbanize helmet, the Winter Pad Kit will help keep you on the bike during those cold commutes. The kit includes fleece-lined pads, which attach to the helmet straps and help keep your ears insulated from the cold and wind. The kit also includes a plug for the front vent to reduce cold airflow into the helmet. If you ride in the fall, winter or spring the Winter Pad Kit is a "must have" accessory for your Urbanize helmet!
Never miss footage of your best runs using this GoPro Mount.
Spark MIPS Pad Kit from Bell
Spark Pad Kit from Bell
Spark Pad Kit - Youth from Bell
Spark W/Jr MIPS Pad Kit from Bell
Helmet strap adjuster
Super DH MIPS Visor Screws - CAN from Bell
Abus Zoom Evo - Adjustment wheel
Abus Zoom Evo - Adjustment wheel cover
Adult Buckle/Cam Lock Kit from Bell
FLIGHT HS THIN PADSET - BLK *Image used for representative purposes*
Sanction Visor Bolt Kit from Bell
Sixer MIPS Visor Screws from Bell
Freshen up the interior of your helmet with a new pad set! Padset details listed below. Replacement padset for Lazer Jackal MIPS helmets. Set includes one pad - Front/Top unipad only. - COMPATIBILITY: Jackal MIPS, Jackal - ATTACHMENT: velcro - WEIGHT: 12g - MATERIAL: Foam
Freshen up the interior of your helmet with a new pad set! - Replacement pads for Jackal helmets
Freshen up the interior of your helmet with a new pad set! - Replacement pads for Sphere helmets - Attachment: Velcro - Material: Foam
Z20 Pad Kit from Bell
Thick replacement liner for the Striker helmet
Replacement visor for the Flux Helmet Rush.
Don't underestimate the power of new pads! The Register Helmet Pad Kit replaces your worn-out pads by improving the comfort, fit, and stability of your helmet while wicking away moisture.
Falcon MIPS Pad Kit from Bell
$11.94 - $12.95
Replacement or spare visor to fit your Speedframe Pro Helmet.
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