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Please Note: Inventory is not updated in real time. If you really want an item, please call to make sure we have it. Prices are in Canadian Dollars. In case of a discrepancy between the store and online, the store info will prevail.

Mechanic Services

tune up


Inspect the entire Bicycle for Safety

Adjust Front and Rear Derailleurs

Adjust Front and Rear Brakes

Wipe Down of Frame

Check all Nuts and Bolts for Proper Torque

Lube Chain

Inspect Tires for cuts and cracks

Inflate Tires

*Parts and Installation Not Included



Annual Tune-Up Plus:

True Wheels

Adjust Hubs, Headset and Bottom Bracket

*Parts and Installation Not Included



  • Full Tune-Up Plus:

Full Drivetrain Clean

Complete Bike Wash 

Lube Shift and Brake Cables

Lube Derailleur and Brake Pivots

Hydraulic Disc Brake Caliper Service

*Installation of Parts Included



Performance Tune-Up Plus:

All Components are Removed, Deep Cleaned, Overhauled and Re-Assembled

Components are Freshly Lubed and Greased

New Inner Cables Included

Frame Detailed and Waxed

*Installation of Parts Included


VIP Jump the Line $50

Flat repair $14 (cost of tube extra)

Kids Bike Tune Up $29.99  (Performed on bikes without gears)

Wheel True $20 and up

Wheel Build $70 and up

Drivetrain Clean $50

Brake Bleed $30 each (includes brake fluid)

Bar Wrap Installation $20 (cost of tape not included)

Part Installation Fee $15 and up

Bike Boxing $60 

Standard Bike Build $100

Complex Bike Build $160 

Convert Any Bike into Run Bike $40

 Includes conversion back once rider is ready for pedals

DI2 Firmware Upgrade $30

DI2 Custom Set-Up $30

(Most can be completed in house)

 Dust Wiper Service (cartridge damper, includes oil) $60 + seals

 Dust Wiper Service (open bath, includes oil) $80 + seals

 Fork Damper Cartridge Rebuild $100 + seals

 Air Can Service (rear)  $40 + seals

 *Add $20 If On Bike

 Recommended Service Intervals:

 Open bath  - 25hrs
 Cartridge damper -  50hrs

 Air sleeve  -  20-40hrs
 Damper  -  200hrs